Atlas Scans

Thousands of scans from 5 different biomes captured with our Atlas Scanner.

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Nymphaea spp.

Atlas Scanning Process

Plant atlases were calculated using 120 different LED light sources. The device is completed by an eletronic central unit based on the microcontrolled board that manages the LEDs, the overhead support to mount the reflex camera and the software that synchronizes the shutter of the camera with the swithing on of each LED. The acquisition is computer-automated and takes about 5 minute to capture 120 photos.

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Final Render

In our Atlas Scanner, we use polarization to eliminate reflections by 99.9%.

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With Polarization
Without Polarization

Atlas Textures

All atlas scans contain Albedo, Translucency, Normal, HeightMap, Specular, Roughness, Alpha textures. Atlas scans are available in 4K resolution.

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